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We are the UNITED PEOPLE OF EARTH, a fast growing commUNITY of people in 50 US States & 193 countries. Our “hometown” on the internet is called PEACE CITY.

There are many reasons why people have joined The United People Of Earth in Peace City. They fall in 3 simple categories:

Who we are


What we believe


What we receive


We’re in 193 countries

  • We cherish our individuality
  • We relish our groups, tribes and countries
  • We celebrate our common humanity
Peace City runs a media network consisting of video, radio & even virtual reality. In the past year we’ve connected with more than a million people. 
We define EVERY DAY HEROes broadly to include hero moms & dads working to create a better life for their kids, friends & neighbors, students & teachers, blue color workers & business leaders, artists & thought leaders.
The United People Of Earth combine Creativity & Compassion, Courage & Consciousness
Why now? Just turn on the evening news. If you get get a strong feeling that makes you want to say “WHAT??!!”, then you probably realize that humanity needs to come together …
… that everyone alive today will live through the greatest time of change in human history. But change can also be a new chance.
Peace City is a place to connect with people, and get free workshops to benefit your personal and professional life.
Would be nice to get to know you. You can start here …JOIN US FREE
“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that we aim too low and we reach it.”

- Michelangelo