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A Global Family. A Virtual Home. A New Time.
INVITATION: You're invited to make history!
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Who We are?

We are the United People Of Earth and we make the future. We're from 193 countries

A global family of influencers, creators, artists, makers, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, cryptoneers & game changers. 

Our virtual home is in the metaverse. We call it Peace City. 

We have a planetary perspective and we're the home of the hero generation.

Why Now?

We have arrived at a fork in the road. We all feel it. Historians will call this era 
the Hero Age. An era when many of us went on a hero's journey.

A Family

Like The One You Have Just Global

What we do: we support each other

A Home

Like The One You Have Just Virtual

What you get: A Home in the METAVERSE, a place to Connect With Others & To Work From Home

A New Time - The Hero Age

Like The Good Ol' Times but NOT

Optional - What you get: Free Workshops to put you on top of all the new opportunities. Understand the metaverse, make money with NFTs, use AI to your advantage, start a business, go digital and much more ...
There are many reasons why people are joining The United People Of Earth in Peace City, they fall in 3 simple categories:
We're in 193 countries
  • We cherish our individuality
  • We relish our groups, tribes and countries 
  •  We celebrate our common humanity
What people in are saying:

"What the world needs now"
"Peace City is just what the world needs now, a basis for people and nations to work together, maybe voluntarily. A world where different cultures, may have differing concepts about how such an ideal state might come about, but they have one common goal!"

"Enjoying the company of like minded people"
"I love Peace City and always have. My husband and I were some of the first residents there, and we spent countless hours enjoying the company of others of like mind. What stands out the most in my memories is the study groups we formed..."

"An oasis to restore & rejuvenate"
"When I joined the community I was spiritually parched and the Peace City was the oasis I needed to restore and rejuvenate. I truly believe that this community has what it takes to make the difference the world needs (connecting to all other communities with the same vision and goal)."

"A place to get support"
"I am in! I am an expert in Nonviolent Communication. Any thing I can do to support peaceful communication in a time of great conflict."

The Hero Generation: Not every hero wears a cape. We have a positive view on human kind.
The best part of our community is the amazing people. After connecting with over 1 million people, we have statistical evidence for our optimism. 13.5% are ahead of their time. We call them the Hero Generation. Given the right support system, information & environment, people are capable of creating amazing beauty and are able to turn the impossible into the inevitable. We are a place for mutual support.

"There comes a time in everyone's life when their inner hero is called to rise to the size of the challenges they face."
Sign our Declaration Of Interdependence. 
We reconfirm our dedication to each other, 
to our families, to our communities 
and to the future of life on this planet ... 
Join us in Making History, in Building a New Legacy. For Generations To Come.
INVITATION: You're invited to a welcome party online!
We promise not to send any unsolicited communications - we will send you an email with your download file but you can unsubscribe at any time. Privacy and terms
The United People Of Earth are re-imagining what could be. Historians of the future will call this era "The Hero Age". Our home is global & virtual. We call it Peace City.
We dream a new dream & shape a new future.
We design our own destiny & support each other.
Together we change the world.  
Our virtual home town is called Peace City.
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